Flare On 2014 - Overview

Overview page of my Flare On 2014 writeups

The Front Line Advanced Research and Expertise (FLARE) team is an elite technical group of malware analysts, researchers, and hackers. We are looking to hire smart individuals interested in reverse engineering. We have created this series of binary challenges to test your skills. We encourage anyone to participate and practice their skills while having fun!

~ flare-on.com

In 2014 the first FLARE On CTF took place with a total of 8 challenges to solve.

While most other CTFs offer different categories of challenges and you are able to choose the challenge you want to start with, this CTF is different.

If you want to participate you have to solve Challenge 1, the flag is an E-Mail address that you have to contact in order to receive the next challenge.

I wanted to improve my reverse engineering skills and because of that started with the very first run of FLARE On, even though it's a quite old nowadays.

In contrary to most other writeups, mine are not using IDA Pro or any other commercial software at all.